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Why Design With Us
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We are passionate about creating successful designs for organizations.

Our Mission

To assist small businesses and entrepreneurs with the design and development of digital products and services.

Our Vision

Provide robust website design products and services that generate great results for our clients.

From The Founder

"Technology can be any combination of tools and resources that effectively improve a process, product, and service.

At Just Right Technology the goal has always been to aid businesses in the process of making technology work for them. The foundation of our process starts with the primary goals and objectives of the organization."

Our Process

Review the process before making a decision.

  1. Introductions

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    During the introduction process, our team works with you to learn about your business and discover what a potential project will entail.

  2. Considerations

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    We take special care to research your target industry and competitors to ensure we create opportunities for effective decision making along the journey to creating your ideal technological needs.

  3. Schedule

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    It is important that we create a dynamic environment and tone for the project at its onset by establishing trust, reviewing goals regularly and making sure that roles are clearly defined.

  4. Production

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    Our execution becomes a silent partner in the completion of the working process, while we simultaneously develop a foundation for long lasting business relationship.

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